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About Us

Proud of 17 Years Excellence

Founded in 2006, Black Sheep Services offers bookkeeping, business management and advisory. We service a wide variety of clients both new and existing, large and small throughout the U.S. as a 100% remote office where building relationships with our clients is our number one priority.

We use our extensive knowledge of technology to free our clients to focus on what’s most important. Our services are tailored to each client so that you get the best experience and technology that works for you.

  • Save Money
  • Fast
  • Flexible
  • No Upselling
  • Financial Planning
  • Professional Advisor
Our Vision

We believe that financial literacy is an important part of running your business

We are willing to invest the time teaching our clients how to read financial reports and look beyond the numbers.

Our Values

When I was young, before starting out on my own, I worked in a wide variety of companies, offices, and situations. Most were decent, professional environments. Still, I remember how often I was treated as if I was somehow less, my contribution, value, and talents were somehow less, because of who I was—be it too young, too female, not female enough, overweight, of the wrong politics or religion, or just unwilling to wear hot, heavy sleeves to cover my arms in a 95-degree office where women were expected not to show any skin.

When I founded Black Sheep Services, I intended it to be a place where all people are welcome to work hard, to thrive and grow and contribute, and to focus on serving our clientele. If a person is truly competent, loyal, and a positive addition to my team, then they are welcome here. Their contribution will be valued and they will be treated with dignity and acceptance, no matter who they are.

So, over the years, my team has included a diverse cast of characters from many different economic and political backgrounds, ethnicities, religions, genders, and sexual identities. I believe this knitting of different perspective and experience have strengthened and benefitted us in a variety of ways, ranging from the cooperative nature of our team, to our robust problem solving ability, to our ability to connect with, and meet the needs of, our diverse and ever-evolving clientele.

My team (and my clientele) often include people who use non-traditional pronouns. Our email signatures minimize confusion and ensure more effective communication, while also upholding the dignity of our teammates.