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Maintain Bank Accounts and Credit Cards

We can enter your transactions to ensure the books are accurate at the start, eliminating extra time and frustration.

Reconcile Bank Accounts and Credit Cards

We can make sure that the transactions in your account clear the bank and question the ones that haven’t. This step is critical in your financial accuracy and tax preparation.

Accounts Payable (Bills)

We can review your bills ensuring you are paying the right amounts, scan and/or enter your bills into an online bill pay software and review your accounts payable, so you know who needs to be paid and by when. We can also setup your approval system so that Owner’s, Managers, or department heads can review the bill, account assigned and approve or decline them in this online process.

Accounts Receivable (Invoicing)

We can manage your invoicing, application of payments and deposits so you know who needs to pay you and when. We can also work with you to get paid faster by setting up payments online ensuring that clients can click on the link with the invoices.

Administration Payroll

We can get you started or take it over and off your plate. If you haven’t started payroll, we work with a variety of payroll services and can help you find the fit for you. We can also take the work out of it by taking care of the details.

Retirement Coordination

We can work with you, your financial advisor, CPA, Payroll and/or Third-Party Administrator to execute the plan that is right for you.

Administration of Employee Benefits

We can work with Payroll and your insurance broker(s) to ensure that you are administering you plans and deducting them correctly from your employees’ paychecks.

Monthly Financial Reports

If you need more than just the standard Profit and Loss or Balance Sheet, we work with you to get detailed reports with the information you need to make timely and accurate decisions.

Expense and Record Scanning

We are a paperless office, all records will be scanned and saved to our client portal for easy access and safety.

Tax Prep for CPA

We can save you time and money by coordinating with your CPA to get your taxes prepared on time and ensuring they have the documents they need from the start.


We can timely file your 1099 forms electronically ensuring your are in compliance with State and Federal Law.

Annual Reporting

We can track, prepare and file your annual reports with your state, ensuring that you don’t get hit with late fees.

Business License

We can prepare and file your annual business license(s), ensuring a smooth and easy process.

Business Property Tax

We can prepare and file your annual business property tax(es), ensuring a smooth and easy process.

Sales Tax

We can set up, file and pay your monthly, quarterly or annual sales tax return.

Accrual Accounting

We can review your expenses and enter your monthly, quarterly or annual accruals based on your needs as we prepare your financials report and do the tax preparation for your CPA.

Software Review

We can review the software services that you currently use, their integration and make recommendations. We can also review your processes and suggest Apps that could save you time and money.

Transition to QuickBooks Online

We can transition your books from a desktop software to QuickBooks Online ensuring the accuracy of your books and saving you from the hiccups that can happen.

Training and Administrative Assistance

We are available to spend the time necessary to train you or your staff on everything from how to use your QuickBooks Online and/or Apps. We can provide an administrative assistant for specials projects should you need them.


We can work with you to create a budget or you can provide it to us, this will provide a deeper look at your financials with Budget vs Actual Reports.